The Psychology of Colour

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Can colour make you feel? The psychology of colour is a topic that has been popular recently, concerned with assigning each colour with feelings, and descriptive emotions. It’s an intriguing thought, and also makes us wonder whether we pick colours for our surroundings subconsciously because of their impact on us emotionally. We’re going to see if Scandinavian interiors are a favourite not only for their objects and styles, but also their colour combinations!

White is probably the most popular colour in any Scandinavian interior colour palette. It is used to enlarge space and creates clean, crisp surroundings. But what about the subconscious effect of this colour? White’s main feature is said to be equality. In the spectrum, white is a combination of all colour, and therefore evokes completion, neutrality and fairness. In terms of a white space, a sense of openness, growth, calm and hope can be achieved. Scandi interiors can also avoid the negative side effects of white (sterility, cold, isolation) by adding warm wooden floors, roaring hearths and combining soft textile shapes with linear furniture.

Blue is another colour that is ever-present when it comes to creating a Scandinavian inspired home. Blue is the world’s favourite colour, which is unsurprising when the emotional effect it has is explained. Calming and soothing; blue is claimed to promote intellectual thought, serenity, reflection, and calm. In Scandinavian interiors, soft, dusky blues are added to enhance a calming atmosphere. It is usually used as an accent, never making the surroundings dull or dark.

Green seems to be the colour of the moment, tiptoeing into many homes, usually in the form of botanicals and plants. Apparently seeing green makes us feel refreshed, restored and balanced! This definitely caught our attention! It can be perceived as too bland if used in the wrong context, so combining it into prints and patterns is a sure way to green success!

Scandinavian interior design seems to be the veteran in creating calming, refreshing atmospheres. We’re off to find some calmly-coloured interior treats!


All photos are from Ellen Ripa Interiors.