A Splash of Blue

  • 9 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

It’s no secret that Scandinavian design often features a white, grey or neutral base. An easy way to add character to a more neutral colour palette is to add an accent colour which may be found in throughout the room, such as in the accessories, furniture or even partially the walls.

Blue is set to be big in 2015, particularly dusky and icy blues. However a more deep, classic royal blue is always going to be a timeless shade whether it be in interior design or in fashion. It works well in more modern homes as well as in more traditional interior design. Psychologically, our brains register blue as being a ‘friendly’ and ‘safe’ colour, making it an ideal colour for a family home. A great way to add a splash of blue into your home is with a classic Skandi rag rug, yet if you like a twist on your homeware, denim rag rugs are an interesting way of incorporating a more distressed blue into your home.

A white and blue interior typically works beautifully in kitchens and bathrooms as it allows for light and an element of freshness. Be careful to choose the right blue based on the amount and type of light you get in that specific room. If your room only receives cold, perhaps artificial light, it is worth noting that a warmer, deeper blue might be more homely than say a cooler toned icy blue.

Below are some of our favourite blue home accessories:

Gustav Blue Patterned Floor Runner

Ludvig Blue & White Thin Stripe Cushion

Henrik Patterned Blue & White Rag Rug

Selma Wallpaper – Light Blue

Raphaëla Fabric – Dark Blue

Saga Plain Blue Floor Runner