Skandimania in London

  • 9 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Skandimania has taken the UK by storm – whether it’s in terms of fashion, interior design or music. From COS to Lykke Li, the Brits are loving all things Skandi. This trend has particularly dominated the London area, from the opening of & Other Stories on Regent Street in 2013 to the Skandi pop-up stores on the King’s Road. We’ve outlined some of the best Skandi things to have made their way to London in recent times.

Scandinavian fashion is all about simple but interesting cuts, which is why COS perfectly captures the essence of Skandi style. It is the perfect shopping destination if you want some classic pieces with an interesting edge. From the same H&M family comes & Other Stories, which offers something for everyone – whether you prefer a more androgynous look or something a bit more feminine.

Skandi interior design has been reigning the interior world for some time now. From rag rugs to muted earthy tones, it’s undeniable that the Skandi interior style is very much in vogue. Whether it’s their use of light and contrasting textures or a simple dalahorse in your living room, a touch of Skandi is a must in every household.

Skandi food options (Ikea aside) were aplenty over this holiday season, particularly on the market front. The Christmas markets in London always carry exotic tastes but the Skandi options were definitely popular this year, with meatballs, smoked salmon and cider galore. There was a noticeable amount of Skandi foodie options around, including pop-up restaurants such as Swedish Christmas and Skandi-Bird.

Not only is the Skandi style dominating the scene, but so are their TV shows such as The Killing and The Bridge. As the Brits look to the Scandinavians for TV shows to watch, Scandinavian musicians are also making a real impact in the music industry. Whether you’re dancing to Avicii or chilling out to some Lykke Li, it’s difficult to ignore the Skandi music scene.

Here’s to more Skandi-ness in London in 2015!