Scandinavian Trends: Fashion VS Interior

  • 10 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

It might not be the most obvious tie but style preferences in interior design and fashion do tend to correlate. Whether you’re one for a pop of bright colour or you like pattern or you prefer to stick to monochromes, you probably like a similar theme in your home (using the term ‘theme’ lightly of course).  Here are some Scandinavian trends that we have seen correlate between the fashion and interior design world…

Gender neutral
A more androgynous style is synonymous with Scandinavian fashion but if you look at modern Scandinavian interior styles there is a real parallel. A use of more monochrome, grey and earthy tones allows for a gender neutral environment. This is also down to a lack of pattern which can sometimes perhaps be seen as more feminine.

Simple lines
Frills and embellishments are not common within Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design favours a more practical approach to design which allows for comfort and style within fashion and interior design. This means more graphic shapes and less style-over-substance.

Scandinavian design incorporates a lot of grey as black and white can look a little harsh. It is either used as a base, theme or as a transition colour to mute down everything.

Earthy & muted tones
Although Skandi style isn’t stranger to a pop of vibrancy, a more muted, earthy palette is definitely very popular. Think mossy greens, sandy beiges and any shades you might come across in nature.

On the other side of the spectrum from Skandi simplicity comes the Skandi patterns. Anything goes from pastel or muted geometric shapes to bright more eclectic patterns.