Live like the Swedes this summer – 5 beautiful Scandinavian summer houses.

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

The summer holidays are definitely one of the most anticipated times of the year. We all want a relaxing get-away, but are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to picking the all-important destination. So this year, if you’re looking for the ultimate package of culture, food and fun (all with a stunning backdrop!) look no further than Sweden!

Of course you want the real deal, a truly Scandinavian experience – and that’s why we love AirBnB for an authentic summer holiday retreat. Below are 5 beautiful Swedish holiday homes to get your ideas flowing!

1: Comfy, cosy and simply Scandi – This summer house is 100 metres from the sea, a private patio faces the water and there’s plenty of country side to explore and outdoor activities.

2: Relaxing lakeside haven – A traditional Swedish summer house. At a great value, this secluded spot boasts everything a summer house needs, including use of a canoe to explore the beautiful views from the water.

3: Perfect for retreating with friends – This summer house is situated atop a hill on the island of Tjörn. There’s loads of space to relax, making it ideal for getting away with (or from) your friends and family. The surroundings include an orchard of apple trees and wildflowers aplenty.

4: A modern twist on a classic lakeside dwelling – A contemporary take on a Swedish classic, this summer house is nestled away overlooking breathtaking views. For those after a pampering, the outhouse nearby has its own sauna and if you’re feeling brave; try a dip in the lake to cool down afterwards!

5: Romantic stay for two-Finally, this picturesque cabin is the complete Scandi package. Although compact, the interior décor is contemporary and a pretty garden sets the scene for relaxing summer evenings.