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Live a little Lagom – a life of ‘just the right amount’

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. The Lexin Swedish-English dictionary defines lagom as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”.

You may have noticed a new Scandinavian word making the rounds across various blogs and magazine pages. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of hygge, ‘lagom’ is dipping its toe into the trends pool. It’s ethos, however, is a subject of controversy. Is telling us to embrace a lifestyle of ‘just the right amount’ suppressive or compelling? We’ve scoured the web for some opinions to help you decide.


‘Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, lagom is an ethos of moderation.’-

‘It indicates balance. Lagom doesn’t have the negative connotation of “sufficient” nor does it claim perfection.’ – Something Swedish Blog

“Lagom is a break from the business or constantly checking our phone, driving forward and being ‘on’. Time to unplug and switch off is so important for us, for our wellbeing, our relationships and our creativity.” – Dr Jessamy Hibberd via


Lagom in the home:

Applying Lagom to your home couldn’t be easier, in fact – nearly all aspects of Scandinavian design are based upon this idea. Furniture is built to last, with understated shapes and simple designs. Pops of colour add vibrance in rooms without being overbearing and ample storage solutions prevent clutter from disturbing the calm ‘Scandi’ vibe.

Lagom in everyday life:

Swedes are known for keeping it simple in everyday life. Fashion is clean cut with crisp shapes and block colours and often Swedish brands are eco-friendly. Cuisine emphasises on each element of a dish, never over-fussy or flamboyant. Sustainability is a concept that is big in Sweden, so reusing and recycling are encouraged.

How ‘just enough’ applies to you depends entirely on how you choose to view Lagom. It is more a way of life than hygge’s focus on a solitary moment or emotion, so adopting a few of the values into our lives is a good way to start! Lagom is based on balance, fairness and frugality.

You can start small, with something as simple as turning your phone off and focusing on yourself for a few minutes each day. Visit Whole Heartedly Healthy’s blog post on ‘How to practise lagom’ for more ideas! Breaking down these values and adjusting them to work for you will set you on the path to a refreshed, balanced lifestyle without feeling constricted.


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