scandinavian wall art collage scandinavian wall art collage

Interior Inspiration; Scandi wall art

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

We all love adding those finishing touches to our home to add pops of colour and additional texture. At Skandihome we’ve noticed that there is one sure-fire way to get colour, pattern and texture into your home! Creating a ‘wall art collage’ from prints and paintings is fun, easy, and you are the boss when it comes to deciding on what to display and where.

For a Scandi-inspired wall collage, use sleek frames with crisp edges. Bright colour is in no way omitted, it’s just used carefully to persuade the rest of the room to pop, so you can dare to go loud with the prints! Give the frames space to breathe, and voila! No matter how large or small your space, there is always room for a print (or three). We’ve got some visual inspiration to get those creative collaging juices flowing.

The mood-board is courtesy of Ellen Ripa Interiors (Instagram @ellenripainteriors) – demonstrating how creating a wall art collage can bring colours in the room together harmoniously.

We’ve also taken inspiration from Instagram account @projectsonwalls who source wall art for interiors – their feed is abundant with gorgeous wall art ideas!

For more wall collage ideas, visit our Scandi wall collage Pinterest board here.