10 Steps Towards Creating a Skandi Home

  • 9 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

There are a lot of design factors that make a home have the Scandinavian aesthetic. However, there are a few steps that you can make towards making your home more Skandi, whether it be in terms of home accessories or a larger home project.

As a symbol of Swedish craftsmanship, the dalahorse is a typical decorative item found in Swedish and Scandinavian homes alike. You can either opt for a traditional red dalahorse or a more modern take such as the Skandihome Bronze Dalahorse.

Glass vases
Scandinavian design might be simple (in the best way!) but their glass vases do tend to be slightly more eccentric than perhaps traditional British offerings. We love the Skandihome Fiord Vase that make any bouquet fall beautifully.

Scandinavian interior design favours wooden floors which hark back to the original wooden huts. If you prefer tiles, concrete or carpet, add Skandi vibes by includiding more raw, unpolished wooden furniture into your home. If it’s handmade – even better!

Rag rug
As aforementioned, Scandinavian homes often have harder floors which call for a bit of warmth with textured rugs. To find out why the rag rug is such a staple in Scandinavian homes click here.

Modern homes being built in Scandinavia are opting for more eco-friendly options when it comes to design. This mean triple-gazing, more efficient insulation and even recycling waste water. Making these moves to a more sustainable home requires a lot of commitment and lets face it: money. However, if you’re willing to make your home more eco-friendly, you can opt for recycled furniture or furniture made from sustainable wood. Even rag rugs are eco-friendly so there is no excuse to make those baby steps!

White is embedded in Scandinavian design history. This is due to the dark nature of Scandinavian skies, especially in the winter so light is not often aplenty. White allows for a bright base and it also goes with any other colours you might to choose to incorporate in your home.

Less clutter
Decorative items that serve no purpose are not particularly popular in Scandinavian homes. This is because Scandinavian design is founded on simplicity and practicality. This certainly doesn’t mean that pretty vases and art aren’t welcome in Scandinavian homes but pointless clutter (apart from our beloved dalahorses!) is not part of the aesthetic.

This is vital to making what could seem like a cold-looking house feel like a home. Think sheepskin, rugs and textured pillows and throws.

Graceful furniture
By this we don’t mean polite furniture but elegant-looking furniture inspired by shapes found in nature. If you look at Scandinavian chair or table legs, they often follow natural lines which allows for them to look harmonious with other furniture.

Scandinavian prints
Whether you want a patterned cushion or some wall art, the Scandinavians are renowned for their beautiful prints. With everything from colourful, eclectic prints to simple graphic designs, there really is something Scandinavian for everyone.