Swedish Christmas TV favourites

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

There is always one TV show or film that you and your loved ones just have to watch at Christmas. In Sweden this is no different! Cue ‘oldies but goodies’ and lots of laughs for the festive season!

‘Kalle Anke’

At 3pm on SVT (Swedish BBC) everything stops as household upon household switch on their televisions and watch a 1950’s episode of Donald duck! Called ‘Kalle Anka’ in Swedish, Donald duck has become a household staple at Christmas time, and a icon for Christmas television! The show is taken very seriously and recording or watching later is unacceptable!

‘It started in 1960, and it’s been every year since then. So it’s been over 50 years now. It’s not really that the films are so good. It’s more like it’s a ritual to sit down with your family every year at the same time watching the same films. So it’s like gathering around the cosy fire.’ Charlotte Hagstrom NPR

‘Dinner for One’

Another show that is very popular with the Swedes on Christmas Eve is ‘Dinner for One’ – a merry and comedic short film. It is set around a birthday meal for a 90 year old upper-class lady, whose butler acts as all four of her guests. He also consumes enough alcoholic beverages for four guests (one drink per course), so you can imagine the amusement that ensues! It is a cult Christmas classic throughout Scandinavia, and you can watch the film here.

We’d happily add these to our ‘to-watch’ list at Christmas, there’s nothing better than a glass of mulled wine (or glogg) and a giggle with friends and family!