Top 5 Scandinavian Foodie hotspots

  • 11 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

This list of 5 top Scandinavian Foodie hotspots is just as much for the Nordics as it is for the non-Scandis!

1. Sugarsin – located in the heart of Covent Garden on Long Acre, this candy store is like no other! It is like entering the fabulous world of Alice in Wonderland. You’ll find the best and largest selection of Swedish candies there is to be found in London. The reasonably priced ‘pic n mix’ is by far my favourite. The ‘Candy Sisters’ Anna and Josefin who own the shop are constantly coming up with great gift ideas such as personalised mini candy bags for your wedding, the candy bouquets and lots of other perfect treats, in family sizes. Their latest addition are their corporate gifts… which employee or partner wouldn’t appreciate a bag of candies?! You can now also shop online.

2. TotallySwedish – located by the Swedish Church in Marylebone, Totally Swedish has now opened its 2nd store in Barnes (to my delight as it is close to Richmond!). You’ll find a wide range of Swedish specialties such as home-baked frozen cinnamon buns, gravad lax, lingonberry jam and lots more! Of course, they also have a wide range of Swedish candies and chocolates. You can also shop online.

3. Scandinavian Kitchen – located in the heart of London on Great Titchfield Street, Scandinavian Kitchen offers a wide range of culinary products from all over Scandinavia. What I love with this place is that it is also a cafe where you can sit and enjoy some more substantial food such as a typical ‘smorgasbord’. They offer a range of fresh open sandwiches with meatballs and beetroot salad or with some Nordic salmon and dill. You can also shop online.

4. Bageriet – located in the heart of Covent Garden on Rose Street, this authentic Swedish bakery brings back childhood memories with its delightful mix of cardamom and cinnamon smells. Founded by the lovely Daniel Karlsson who has a real passion for baking, the place is not big but just perfect for a cosy afternoon break when browsing the shops in central London. Bageriet also offers an ordering service where you can get lovely personalised ‘Princess’ cakes or just enough buns for a small party. You may also buy some treats to take away or simply grab a coffee and a cinnamon bun to go.

5. Fika – located in the heart of East London on Brick Lane, Fika is more of a casual restaurant where you can get a selection of more substantial Swedish dishes, such as the classic meetballs with lingonberry, or a lovely sticky chocolate ‘kladdkaka’. There you’ll also be able to taste a few of the typical Swedish beers and alcohols.