Scandi Christmas ‘Tomte’

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Every culture has different quirks in their Christmas traditions, and the famous ‘Santa Claus’ varies from country to country! The Scandinavian version of Santa Claus is called a ‘Tomte’ or ‘Nisse.’ The Tomte is a gnome-like creature with a long beard and pointed hat. Part of Scandinavian folklore, he is renowned for being a mischevious character, able to bring either extreme annoyance or joy! When we think of the jolly Father Christmas, Tomte seems quite formidable in comparison!

DalaSven, our Skandihome Dalahorse mascot, has been out and about spotting the elusive Scandinavian Tomte! He didn’t have to look far as they’ve been popping up all over the Skandihome studio! We went to the Scandi Market on the 18th-20th November, and some of the mischevious Tomte have hitched a ride back with us! Have a look at some of the Tomte that need a new home on our website!

If you’ve been in and around London’s south bank for this year’s festivities, you may have noticed a certain Tomte or two by the river! DalaSven bumped into one and was surprised to find they were much larger than he was expecting! Let’s hope he has been good this year. See if you can spot them too – visit this link to find out more!