Skandi Gift Wrapping

  • 9 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

The prettiest wrapping is usually on the more simple side. When it comes to wrapping, less is definitely more.

For a more rustic Skandi look, wrap your presents with brown paper and add some festive gold, green or red and white ribbon. Make sure to fold over any rough paper edges and cut the ends of your ribbon at a diagonal angle for a more polished look. Before starting your bow, secure your ribbon in a knot so that the bow is easier to make. When using coloured or patterned wrapping paper, we prefer to use a more simple white ribbon. If you are wrapping several presents with the same paper, alternate ribbons or combine different colours to make each present more unique.

If your wrapping skills are not particularly impressive, you don’t have to hand your presents in scrunched up newspaper or a plastic bag. We like the ease of popping our gifts in a pretty little hessian bag. It is also more eco-friendly as you’re not wasting paper and the gift receiver can re-use the bag!

Hessian Gift Bag with Heart – £3.50

Heart Cotton Ribbon – £5