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The beginning of Advent – A very Scandi Christmas

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Advent begins this Sunday the 27th November, and so too begins the excitement of the lead up to Christmas for many! Scandinavia is truly a magical place at this time of year, and homes all across the countries are filled with festive light and anticipation for the festivities ahead.

As in many other countries, the Scandinavian advent begins on the Sunday closest to November 30th. There are four leading from this to Christmas, and these are marked by lighting a candle when each Sunday arrives. It is tradition to have a wreath or holder for all four candles to burn on the Advent Sundays. This metal candle holder from Skandihome adds the perfect touch for simple Scandi advent candles! Many homes and schools take part, creating a warm glow in windows and doorways. A Scandi advent truly is a magical time of warmth and light!

From the first advent onwards, the festivities begin to increase; the arrival of St Lucia’s day on the 13th December is a huge date on every Scandinavian’s calendar! On this day girls will dress as the ‘Queen of Light’ wearing white dresses and wreaths of candles on their heads. Check out Nourishing Joy’s post for making your own candle wreath! It is popular for a procession of Lucia’s to hand out treats and visit old people’s homes and schools to sing songs.

Candles and the presence of light leading up to Christmas is all part of celebrating light itself. From the first Sunday of Advent the festivities have begun, and candles will light every window for miles around to rejoice and keep the darkness away. This continues on till Christmas, and beyond! Join in and fill your homes with warmth and light! Follow our board on Pinterest for lots of Scandi inspiration during advent!