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Wish lists at the ready; Skandihome Christmas Shop is Live!

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

We can’t help but get excited as the festive season draws closer. Despite the change in weather and the darker days, Christmas becomes the occasion of the season! In London, streets and stores are crammed with festive cheer leading up to the big day. Scandinavia is no different, joining in the festivities and bringing along some well-known traditions as well as some unusual ones! As ever, we’re poised and ready with list in hand to soak up all the inspiration for gifting this year. And it’s with delight that we announce Skandihome’s Christmas shop live! We’ve hand-picked some top gifts and decorations that will surely give you an authentic Scandi Christmas this year!

1Tomte is a gnome like creature from Scandinavian folklore. Associated with Christmas and winter time, the Tomte traditionally was a guardian of land and farms, and was well-known for his mischievous nature! On Christmas night, families would lay down a bowl of porridge with butter to appease the spirit, and he has had a place in Scandinavian Christmas ever since! We think Skandihome’s black and red Tomte are adorable, although we will definitely be keeping an eye on them from now on!

2 – Wooden Pig Candle Holder. Avid readers of Skandiblog would have read our previous post on the Scandi Christmas piggy obsession! Pigs have long been a symbol for Scandinavian Christmas, both for the centrepiece of the seasonal feast and as a subject for Christmas decorations! Skandihome’s wooden pig candle holders come in grey and red, and are a perfect addition to lighting up a windowsill or table!

3 –Hand Knitted Mittens. Make sure your hands don’t get chilly with these gorgeous hand knitted mittens from Skandihome. The felt lining keeps the heat in, and they are available in three traditional Scandi style patterns!

4 – Hanging red Dalahorse. Dalahorses are a symbol amongst Swedes. Originating from the town of Dalarna, these wooden toys were often given to children. Now they are an iconic decoration for Christmas and all year round! Skandihome has its own Dalahorse section on the website; these red Christmas tree decorations are lovely as a stocking filler!

5 – White ceramic house lantern. As we all know, winter is the darkest season of the year. There’s no better way than to combat the chilly blues than to fill your home with light and warmth! In Scandinavia Christmas the 13th December is the most important day of the Christmas calendar. It is St Lucia’s day – the patron saint of light, and candles illuminate every home and church around.