Sharpen those edges! Geometry rules in Scandinavian design.

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Clean outlines and geometric shapes are a big deal in Scandinavian design. They form one of the main aesthetics and are key to creating any Scandinavian interior theme. So get your ruler out and sharpen your pencil! Here are 5 top tips for keeping your Scandi inspired interior sleek and streamlined.

  1. Frame it: Adding a border to elements of the interior emphasises a stream-lined look. Artworks, mantle pieces and windowsills are all features, use shelving to outline books, vases and botanicals. Walls are a great base on which to create linear shapes. Check out for artwork inspiration; these magnetic mounting sticks really caught our eye!
  2. Open it up: show off your staircases, shelving, and window shapes. Keeping everything light and airy adds to the Scandi feel, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The space around objects is as important as the objects themselves!
  3. Accessorise the geometric way: Lighting can be a statement with long wires, or go for the increasingly popular floor lamps. Simple shaped or multi-sided vases work well for plants.  Adding fringing and contrasting textures balance out the edges too, although minimalism is key! One way of doing this is by incorporating a rug or runner; they add warmth and softer textures to any room in the house. One of our favourites from Skandihome is the statement Gustaf runner rug, or for multiples; try the simple ‘Saga’ rug in grey or pink.
  4. Remember the prints: While the furniture in the room is tapered and sleek, wallpapers and fabrics can be geometric too – Scandinavian graphics and prints are very popular. We love the selection on including this botanical print and this collage style graphic .
  5. Geometric doesn’t always mean straight lines: Furniture and lighting can curve, and odd numbers make for a better aesthetic. Pictures can be of different sizes and heights, remember; it’s all about a clean finish!

Clean lines aplenty and a fresh atmosphere are vital to any Scandinavian residence, combine all these elements and you will be well on the way to perfecting your Scandi home!