Scandi Styling Tips: Interior to Fashion

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Scandinavia has a distinctive design style, and this isn’t just saved for the home! Scandi fashion and interior trends go hand in hand. In autumn, Scandinavian fashion comes into its own. The colder weather brings out multiple layers, woolly textures and cosy elements while maintaining a solid bond with the Scandi style aesthetic. Here are a few tips to explain how the simple pleasures of a cosy winter home are translated into a stylish Scandi wardrobe!

Scandinavian winter interiors nearly always have soft colours and textures for furnishings, and this idea certainly doesn’t go amiss when personal fashion is concerned! Soft scarves, fleecy coats and pastel fringed elements tie both Scandi interiors and fashion together; cosy!

Layers are not only practical in the Scandinavian harsh winters, but also form a great aesthetic when applied to both interior and fashion. Layering different thicknesses of fabric, accent colours and patterns makes for a visually exciting get up – whether from home or wardrobe!

Staying sleek and crisp is something that is important when remembering that Scandinavian design prides itself on simple lines, block colour combinations with patterns, prints and dark colours made minimal and assigned as accents. Patterned gloves, contrasting buttons and simple jewellery is comparative to the occasional detailed ornaments in a home; contrasting table legs and simple interior decorations!

Finally, of course comfort is key! Comfort with style may not always be an easy feat, but it’s all down to combining simple colours with multiple layers and choosing your fabrics wisely. Then you’ll feel as if you were right at home on the sofa by the fire! And we definitely want that feeling all through winter!