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Keeping warm and snug this winter; from head to toe!

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

We’ve all seen the weather forecast; the cold, wintry weather is officially here! For many this means going into hibernation mode and finding it very, very hard to leave that warm cosy bed in the morning. For most of us though, we have to brace ourselves and head out into the winter chill. To make the outside world seem less of a hindrance this season, we’ve put together a collection of Scandi staple accessories for your winter wardrobe that will make you feel as if you brought your duvet with you!


To avoid cold toes, warm snuggly socks are the answer. Wear them indoors, outdoors, over boots or inside boots! As long as they’re beautifully soft, cosy and make us feel good. Skandihome have some Scandinavian patterned socks that are perfect for braving the cold outside, or cosying up by the fire inside!


Keeping your head warm is vital in the chilly weather, but we definitely want to look stylish too! Don’t be afraid of the pompom, they’re back with a vengeance. Try these chunky knit hats from Scandi fashion veteran H&M in Burgundy and Grey.


May cold hands be a thing of the past with these felt lined red and grey mittens from Skandihome. Hand-knitted in Sweden, these mittens are the real Scandi deal. We just need to decide which ones are for us and which ones to gift this year!


Wrap up warm, literally! The simple design and colour of this Gusto poncho from Tiger of Sweden allows it to blend seamlessly into any outfit. Plus, it’s made from 100% wool, and is reversible!


We feel warmer already, and our Christmas lists are still growing! Be sure to check back for many more Scandi Christmas top tips for the festive season!