White, the recipe for a classic Nordic Christmas

  • 10 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Have you ever wondered how to get that beautiful Scandinavian feel in your home during Christmas? Well it’s not that hard; the answer is ‘traditional’ and ‘white’.

For us Scandis, Christmas is the most celebrated tradition and regardless of our religious believes, it is a time of year that we all love to celebrate in a very traditional way. It is a time for families to spend time together in our beautifully decorated homes.

As everything Scandinavian, our motto is ‘elegant simplicity’ or put in more obvious words ‘less is more’. The base, just like all other seasons of the year, is WHITE. The only other 2 colours that we most commonly use are red and green, to which we add some touches of silver and gold. This is the recipe for a crisp and classic Nordic Christmas look. Just watch the 5 different images showcasing beautiful Swedish homes… and learn.

Here are some Christmas DO’s and DON’T’s for beginners:


  1. Decorate trees, spruces or large bushes with strings of white lights.
  2. Embrace advent! The weeks leading up to Christmas is part of the celebration.
  3. Expect to see Santa wandering about town on Christmas Eve delivering gifts.


  1. Decorate the whole exterior of your house in multicoloured lamps. It’s considered extremely tacky!
  2. Mistake frowns and silence for lack of holiday cheer. It’s cold and we want to get indoors, that’s all.