Trendy bold Gustavian interiors

  • 11 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Originating from Sweden, the Gustavian style has become one adopted throughout Europe with its palette of light greys and whites. It was originally brought to Sweden by King Gustav III who, during his reign, adopted various design aspects from a variety of European courts – mainly Italy, France and England. It was the fusion of Swedish taste and these new styles that resulted in the Gustavian style, a style so unmistakably Swedish.

The Gustavian style can be described as a cleaner more restrained interpretation of the French Louis XV and Louis XVI style of furniture design. As Swedish furniture makers evolved throughout the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, Swedish Gustavian influenced furniture became a mainstay in European Neoclassical period collections. Gustavian furniture often reflects simpler design and execution, while maintaining a humble yet royal character.

Still today, the Guastavian style continues to exert its influence in Sweden as well as the rest of Europe and the United States among both young and old crowds. What is interesting to see is that it has been modernised by adding bold colours, contrary to the very pale original look. By incorporating it in a more modern environment, with both modern pieces of furniture and art, one achieves a more contemporary and trendy look which has become extremely popular amongst young Swedes who are often lucky enough to inherit one or two Gustavian pieces from their parents and grandparents.

We love the look and think it is the perfect way of mixing old and new!