Grey Is the New Black

  • 10 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

There has been ‘Green is the New Black’ for the eco warriors out there, ‘Orange is the New Black’ for the TV watchers so it only seems right to have our own Skandi take on the expression. There are only so many shades of black and white, therefore grey is perfect for the monochrome lover because it comes in an abundance of nuances. Whether you like a dark charcoal grey or more of a taupe or lilac grey, grey is anything but boring.

Black and white are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so if you’re going for a monochromatic theme grey helps to soften up the contrast for a more homely feel. Scandinavian design is based on minimalism and functionality, which means grey makes a great fit for a more Skandi home. Not only is it low-maintenance in comparison to white, which tends to get mucky, but it also does not clash with other colors.

Here are some of our favourite grey pieces for the home:

Saga Striped White and Grey Floor Runner

Saga Plain Light Grey Floor Runner

Karl Herringbone Throw

Grey Hanging Wooden Pig