Clutter makes a home cosy

  • 11 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Now…I know we have spoken a lot about decluttering in our previous posts, however clutter is not all bad!
Just like everything else, it needs to be managed!

If you feel you have a lot of old bits and pieces you really think should be hidden away, get cool storage boxes that are okay to be seen in your home.

Only choose the cool and quirky bits to be displayed and make sure they are clean and nicely organised. Colour coordination is also very important in getting ‘clutter’ right. Choose a colour palette of approximately 4 colours, and stick with it. Silver, brass and bronze don’t count as colours, and will only add a bit chic’ness to the place.

If your problem is the opposite one, of not finding any cool and quirky items to add warmth to your home, try car boot sales, there are plenty in London. My favourite is the Chiswick one every 1st Sunday of each month. Auction houses are also great for finding little gems, as well as charity shops all throughout the city. For glassware, vases and other little bits might have a few.

Bon cluttering!