Back to White…and a few dots of colours

  • 11 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

As mentioned in our previous post on Scandinavian style, here we are again with lots of beautiful large white spaces with only a few spots of colours here and there.

Scandinavian design is often referred to as clean, strict and MODERN. Here you may notice that minimalism does not always equate to modernist design. More traditional pieces and even classic floral textiles have been used. But the key is: LIMITED CLUTTER and a very white base…and space to achieve this look. One very classic feature is the ‘kakelugn’ (tiled stove) in the corner of one of the rooms, but it melts in perfectly and adds warmth to the room.

When planning a room, remember to always think SMART STORAGE. Unless you live in a large barn in the countryside where space is unlimited, make sure you use every corner of your room/flat. When choosing your bed for example, make sure it is either on legs for storage space underneath, or on a divan base with drawers where you can store all your surplus bedlinen or seasonal clothes. If you have an ‘under-the-stairs’ space, use it for storage. You can always put a small drape to hide it all away.

And remember to keep it uncluttered!

Et voila!