Fashion vs. Interiors – Floral Frenzy

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

As the seasons change, we go from snuggling up in the warmth to craving bright sunshine and fresh surroundings. Our wardrobes and homes go through this change too, patterns become bolder and colours brighter. From what we’ve seen in so far, we’re predicting a floral frenzy for Summer 2017!

Already we’ve seen folk-style floral embroidery take over high-street and high-end fashion alike, and interiors are never without a flower print; whether a traditional style or abstract. Once again, we’ve put fashion against interiors across a range of floral styles – including of course; some of our favourite Scandi brands!


William Morris V. Ganni

We’re seeing William Morris wallpapers and prints coming back in full force to interiors around the country. This particular print is called Strawberry Thief’ and is very popular, featuring on everything from cushions to pencils! Rivalling it on the fashion front is the Colby Sequins Dress from Ganni. With a mirror repeat pattern and leafy print, this dress is a perfect match for the Morris style.


Valentino V. Josef Frank

Josef Frank is well known for his off-the-wall bright Scandinavian designs for interiors. We absolutely love this ‘Under Ekvatorn’ print cushion, featuring bold hand drawn shapes – perfectly reflecting the current fad of an ‘urban jungle’ interior. We think we’ve found a fashion equivalent in the form of Valentino’s ‘Tropical Print Short Sleeved Shirt Dress’ – with an equally bold print and strong, layered shapes.


Sandberg V. H&M

Dainty florals are definitely making themselves heard this year! In both interiors and on the high street we’re seeing wildflower and garland prints take off. Sandberg have released a new collection entitled ‘Villa Dalaro’ including some gorgeously dainty wallpapers. Our favourite is ‘Levi Light Pink’ – described as a ‘delicate flower garland that flows gently across the wall’. We think we’ve found its perfect rival, this ‘V Neck Dress’ from none other than Scandi fashion giant; H&M. It also has a dainty print, with a pretty wildflower quality and a calming white ground.


Anthropologie V. Gucci

After the previous floaty florals, this bold pairing from Anthropologie and Gucci is sure to turn heads! Embroidered-style florals are big at the moment, and come in so many different styles. We’ve chosen to go down the ‘cultural’ route – and this ‘Poala Rug’ from Anthropologie is just stunning. It’s rival? This ‘Garden Silk Shirt’ from Gucci. With a similar floral arrangement, the motifs stand out almost like iron on patches – and match the rug’s brash charisma to a tee!


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