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The meaning of Christmas Red – Skandiblog festive inspiration

  • 6 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Christmas is just around the corner, and the halls are decked with garlands, lights and decorations in reds, whites and greens. If there are children in the house then colourful stockings will be laid out in preparation for Santa’s visit.

But where does that festive colour scheme comes from?! We’ve had a look into where the illusive Christmas red may have originated. We’ve also collated some of our favourite Christmas interiors with red at its absolute best!

The Christian theory:

In Christianity, the ‘Christmas Red’ is of biblical origin. The hue of holly berries and Jesus’ blood from the crucifiction are both said to be the symbol of Christmas red. Another theory is that the red and green originate from the ‘Paradise play’ that was performed in the 14th century. It told the tale of Adam and Eve and that notorious apple! This encouraged households to bring in apples and pine fronds to decorate their homes.

The Ancient Roman theory:

Some theorists believe that the Christmas colour scheme was present during the ancient Roman celebration of ‘Saturnalia’. This celebrated the god Saturn from 21st-23rd December. During this time, holly was used as decoration and figurines were attached to evergreen trees. These holly berries could be the origin of the symbolic red colour during the festive season.

The Coca-Cola theory:

In 1931, a Coca-Cola advert was painted by a commissioned artist for the brand. It claims to have changed the way the western world viewed Father Christmas. The previously blue, green and red robes changed to purely red and white. This portrayal took off in American culture, and has since become Father Christmas’s identity in many countries!

No matter where or when Christmas red originated, there is no denying that we love using it as an accent in Christmas interiors. Whether that comes in organic form – wreaths, berry branches and garlands, or in paper decorations, soft furnishings and candles; red is always present for a truly traditional Christmas interior! Visit our ‘Scandi Christmas green and red’ Pinterest board to see more of our favourite festive decor!