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Beat those back to work blues with our top tips for workspace inspiration!

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

The New Year is here, and it’s time to (perhaps reluctantly) shake ourselves from the post-festive season hibernation and head on back to work. It’s time to get our motivation kick-started as the working year begins. We have some inspiration for transforming your working environment to something more personal and inviting. New Year can mean a new frame of mind, so start as you mean to go on; right!? There are plenty of things that can be done to make your workspace that little bit more homely and coax you back into the working frame of mind.

Office principles has written a great article on how to make an office space a home away from home. They suggest that having a personalised workspace really helps your attitude towards working, but it does need to remain a professional environment.

‘By personalising your work space you are more likely to feel a sense of satisfaction in your job, thereby boosting your work morale and general happiness. It’s important that you find a healthy balance between personal expression and professionalism, so while it may be nice to hang up personal photos, you may want to keep the poster of your celebrity crush at home!.’

Calming spaces are always going to make you feel more relaxed and willing to work, so adding some familiarity to your desk space can make a lot of difference.  This can be in the form of a treasured photo, or a quote that really rings true to you. Sometimes it’s nice to have a keepsake nearby. We always keep our wooden Dalahorse, Dala Sven nearby, he loves chilling with us on the desks at Skandihome!

Keeping motivated is sometimes difficult in the first few weeks back. Personally, we love having new exciting things to play with to keep our interest. This goes for your desk and office stationery too! A brand new notebook or to-do list is great to either start a new habit, or continue on from the previous year. We love Swedish brand Kikki-K, who have an extensive range of office stationery sure to keep inspiration flowing!

The cold outdoors is most definitely not going to help the reluctance to return to work. But we can always make the best of indoors. Having a couple of desk plants really greens up the area, and there are plenty of low-maintenance small plants that are ideal for a work desk. Scandinavia is all for bringing the outside in when it’s cold and blustery outside, and making a little work haven could make all the difference!

For more inspiration on creating a motivation-sustaining desk space, check out our Pinterest board! Below are links to the items shown in our mood board.

Shopping list:

  1. Copper leather diary 2017–
  2. Pistachio leather diary 2017–
  3. White painted wooden Dalahorse ‘Dala Sven’ –
  4. Pine desk organiser – WoodenDot on
  5. Mini air cube desk planter – Sea and Asters on