Beat the cold! Top 5 Swedish hot and tasty recipes

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

We know what it’s like – mustering up the strength to battle the blustery weather on your commute to work – and then again on the way home. But there is always one thing that makes just about anyone happy when the weather outside is down -right uninspiring – FOOD! Yep – we’re thinking with our stomachs again. But when there’s so much tasty inspiration around on social media, we can’t help but notice! We’ve selected 5 recipes and treat ideas that’ll warm you right through, making the chilly commute worthwhile! Not only that, the treats we’ve picked are 100% Scandi approved – they’re veterans in creating food to battle the cold!


1: Kanelbullar – Cinnamon Buns

‘Hygge’ has well and truly taken off over here in the UK. Another Scandi buzzword making the rounds is ‘Fika’ – the Swedish for coffee break. It’s a little more than that though, as it’s all about making time for some caffeine, a sweet fix and a chat with friends. Where do we start!? One of the treats that can be enjoyed with a hot coffee is ‘Kanelbullar’, or cinnamon buns. Here’s a recipe for homemade kanelbullar from Scandinavian Kitchen.

2: Biff à la LindströmLindström patties 

Biff à la Lindström quite literally translates as ‘Beef burger’ – but these have a wonderful Swedish twist. Burgers are great for any time of year and can bring the nostalgia of a summer barbecue when the weather isn’t so great outdoors. These are made with pickled beetroot and capers, and make a wonderful combination. They are often served with a fried egg on top, roast potatoes and baked tomatoes. Check out Swedish Food’s recipe to make your own!

3: Kottbullar – Meatballs

We couldn’t help but include meatballs in our top 5! They have become somewhat of a stereotype due to a certain Scandi retailer, but that doesn’t stop them from being a well loved comfort food! We have chosen a recipe from Jamie Oliver, for classic Swedish meatballs with a lingonberry jam!

4: Västerbottensostpaj – Västerbotten cheese pie

Västerbotten pie is a favourite amongst Swedes. While it may not be a roasting hot dish, it definitely has attributes that make it a comfort food; we’re thinking cheese! Västerbotten is a place in Sweden that produces its own iconic type of cheese, and this pie is just as famous! Follow this recipe to make your own, and be sure to serve it warm!

5: Ärtsoppa – Pea soup

Finally we have a perfect lunchtime treat to look forward to. Pea soup is a favourite in Sweden, and it’s ideal for a working lunch. Make a batch at home, and take some into work to reheat – and watch your colleagues turn green with envy! Find the recipe at Discover the World.


For more ideas on Swedish and Scandinavian comfort foods, check out ‘Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge’ by Trine Hahnemann and for more of our visual inspiration, visit our winter warmers Pinterest board.