A Tour of Scandinavia: 5 Beautiful Landscapes

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Summer may be behind us, but that doesn’t stop us from planning a trip or dreaming of a getaway; somewhere to electrify the senses. Winter is a magical time of year in Scandinavia, and we’ve picked some places that are sure to help you embrace the beauty of the colder season! We’ve shown you the best cities, and now it’s time to explore off the beaten track to some of the most amazing landscapes Scandinavia has to offer!

1-Lofoten, Nordland, Norway

The Lofoten Islands in Norway are a truly magical place to visit if you are looking for an unforgettable trip. The visual sights are the main attraction, and the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun are just a few natural feats that will make a stay here something to remember! A whole range of activities are available in a place where mountains, snow, water and beaches combine.  Don’t forget to try the fishing delicacies of the nearby villages and you can even stay in a traditional fisherman’s cabin!

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2-Skåne Countryside, Sweden

The southernmost county of Sweden, the countryside of Skåne has been voted the 9th place to go this year by the New York Times, describing it as ‘unadulterated coastline, mushroom-filled forests and red wooden houses’. If you like beautiful, peaceful surroundings with plenty of greenery and fresh delicacies to try, then rural Skane is well worth a visit!

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3-Lake Siljan, Sweden

Lake Siljan is situated in Dalarna, Sweden. Eager readers may have read our Dalahorse blog post and would know that the painted wooden horses originated from here! Traditions aside, the area was actually made as the result of a huge meteor crash over 300 million years ago. Now it is truly a place of beauty, with plenty of winter activities to keep you busy! The surrounding area is ready for you to ski, hike, and even dog-sled! Check out all the activities and places to see and do here.

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Lakes, Forests, Greenery, Hiking, Skiing, Winter activities, Snow

4-Møns Klint, Denmark

Møns Klint are a stretch of cliffs along the south coast of Zealand Island, Denmark. Another haven for hikers, the cliffs are the highest in the country, and the trails lead to breathtaking views out to the Baltic Sea. The cliffs are said allow visitors to completely feel at peace, and at one with the landscape. It’s definitely on our list of places to visit!

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5-Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway should definitely be on the wish list for people who love to take road trips! Norway’s ‘Engineering Feat of the Century’ runs just over 8km long and cuts through a series of islands from Averøy to mainland Norway.  It’s not for the faint-hearted however, as the sea has a tendency to rear up and send spray in the path of unsuspecting drivers! We can’t fault the scenery itself, it’s sure to make the journey of a lifetime amongst some of the most beautiful islands and mountains in Scandinavia.

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