A Tour of Scandinavia: 5 Beautiful Cities

  • 8 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

Scandinavian design is here, taking the UK by storm, and we want to visit the place of origin! There are some obvious choices for travel destinations, but in this post we’re going to broaden your mind to some of the beautiful cities and towns that you may not have heard of along with those ever popular ones. These top 5 picks are sure to give you a full dose of Scandinavia!

1: Bergen is a truly beautiful city in Norway; of which a visit will combine the sights of a city break with a picturesque landscape. If you’re after a visual delight, look no further! Set by the water, the climbing hills and little colourful houses are a feast for the eyes.  Although be sure to pack welly boots and wet weather gear, as it rains often!

In a few words:

Seafood, Hiking, Mountains, Fjords, Harbours, Maritime, History.


2: Malmo is a compact, beautiful city in Sweden. The main attraction for Malmo is its extensive selection of coffee shops, and shopping opportunities. Be prepared for a little exercise though, cars are few and far between. How to travel? Cycle! Pedal your way to the modern architectural sights such as the ‘turning torso’ tower, the city library, or more traditional sights including Malmohus Castle and Malmo opera house.

In a few words:

Coffee shops, Nightlife, Shopping, Cycling, Architecture, Fashion, Galleries.


3: Copenhagen is a city we’re all familiar with. The capital of Denmark, it is maintaining a contemporary reign.  With multiple Michelin star restaurants, and at the forefront of ecological living, the atmosphere is modern, fast paced and definitely awe-inspiring. Feel ready to take it on? Copenhagen also dates back to 1043 and is abundant with historic landmarks, castles and museums! We’re going to need another coffee. If you’re passing through, here is a guide from visitcopenhagen.com for a 24hr trip of the city!

In a few words:

Dining, Shopping, Eco-friendly, History, Landmarks, Architecture, Markets, Galleries.


4: Gothenburg started its life as an industrial sea-side town. This Swedish city has modernised while keeping its maritime roots from 400 years ago. Visiting the seafood auctions and markets is a must-do. Gothenburg has something for everyone. Follow the streets for landmarks and museums as well as retail therapy and Fika. Or if you’re feeling like embracing nature, take a canal tour or dip your toes in the sea at the nearby Archipelago beaches!

In a few words:

Coffee shops, Shopping, Canals, Beaches, Archipelagos, Seafood, Parks.


5: Tromso is a picturesque city situated above the arctic circle, in northern Norway. This arctic city provides a rural, tranquil escape that is completely unique and unforgettable. If you’re not bothered by the cold, there are an abundance of activities to do including dog sledding and fishing trips! For those wanting a more relaxing stay, boat tours are available as well as spas for ultimate relaxation. And we can’t forget to mention the northern lights which are one of the main attractions of the area!

In a few words:

Active, Museums, Hiking, Restaurants, Rural, Traditional, Nature, Tranquil.