5 steps towards a scandinavian midsummer table spread

5 steps to the perfect Midsummer table spread

  • 7 years ago
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  • Ellen Ripa

It’s that time of year again! The days are longer and warmer, and Sweden celebrates as mid-June brings an abundance of festivities to kick off the summer holidays. Maypole dancing, wreath-making and schnapps-drinking are among some of the activities of choice.

As the days are long and the sun sets late, it is a perfect excuse to stay out and enjoy the warmth. Friends and family meet and celebrate around tables laden with salmon, potatoes and the first strawberries of the summer season.

Whether you’re residing in Sweden or wishing to take a slice of Midsummer for yourselves here in England – we’ve got 5 steps to create a perfect table spread right here. Because what is Midsummer without family, friends, and of course; food!

1: Set the Scene.

The first step to a perfect Midsummer table is setting the scene! Comfy cushions and botanical printed textiles are a must when creating the Midsummer atmosphere.

This Patterned seat cushion from H&M is perfect for avoiding numb bums around the table! And we love these ‘Mille Fleurs’ napkins from Svenskt tenn. They are a floral delight and add to the summery vibe.

2: Prepare the table.

Setting up an outdoor table spread is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some stunning Scandi-style tableware.

This stainless-steel cutlery set from Skandihome is simply Scandi, and we’re also in love with an old favourite; the Mon Amie collection from Rorstrand. The iconic blue and white crockery pair perfectly with both the cutlery and the Midsummer table. We want the whole set!

3: Get flowery!

Another must-have to create a truly traditional Midsummer atmosphere is to include lots of flowers and botanical elements.

Traditionally girls wear wreaths of flowers on their heads – so why not extend this to dress your table? Check out Krabbelure’s table wreaths and our Pinterest board for some visual flowery inspiration to adorn cutlery, centrepieces and chairs!

4: Bring on the Midsummer food heaven.

Sweet: No table spread is complete without a show-stopping sweet treat! We love this Midsummer layer cake from Great British Chefs – cue soft sponge, fresh strawberries and a generous helping of cream!

Savoury: Lavender and Lovage blog have created a lovely Midsummer menu ideal for a table spread. Their Swedish cheese pie is a classic!

5: Cheers!

Top off the Midsummer spread with the sound of clinking glasses as a toast to summer! We came across this Lingonberry Collins cocktail recipe by Orchard Blog and think it fits perfectly.

Glad Midsommar, Skål!


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