Classic Scandinavian rugs & gifts with a modern twist.

Skandihome our Scandinavian shop london, we believe in long term purchases. Our aim is to offer a selection of stylish and affordable products yet of top quality. Sourced mainly from Scandinavia, our products range from delicate etched glassware and unusual decorative bronze Dalahorses to sumptuous Nordic white bedlinen; simply the best and finest at the best possible prices. We’d like to think our product selection is a compilation of beautiful pieces placed in one basket to make the shopping experience quicker for you. We also pride ourselves in offering a wide range of beautiful Scandinavian gifts that can now be shipped internationally! We are always searching for unique pieces and leave to others the ‘déjà vu’. Some of our products, like our blue and white china, are of course Scandinavian classics, therefore seen throughout centuries, but they all contribute, mixed with more modern pieces, in creating this unique home that we all wish for! We commit ourselves to staying true to our original Scandinavian identity and endeavour to provide ‘la crème de la crème’ within the sphere of Scandinavian homeware and gifts, be it through our products, services or inspirational Skandiblog. We hope to continuously inspire and guide you in creating a more beautiful and enjoyable home!