top 5 scandi instagram accounts to follow this spring

Top 5 Scandinavian Instagram accounts to follow this Spring!

As we know, Instagram is becoming THE place to find new exciting interior inspiration and new brands. And as ever, we love checking out the newest and best accounts for some home style ideas! Below

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scandinavian rugs and runners from skandihome

Pair it with a pattern! New rugs and runners from Skandihome

We’re embracing the step into spring at Skandiblog. Even more so over at Skandihome where there is a fresh collection of new rugs and runners to get excited over and spruce up your home ready

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stockholm fashion week 2017

Stockholm Fashion week: Skandiblog favourites

Fancy getting some new inspiration for your wardrobe? Look no further! We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled and have some top inspiration from Sweden’s biggest fashion event; Stockholm Fashion Week. A culmination of renowned Swedish

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bright and bold fashion trends for spring summer 2017, inspired by ralph lauren and acne studios

The future is bright! Top women’s fashion trends for Spring 17

2016 was a roller coaster of a year, and now we now all look hesitantly to what the year ahead will bring. Luckily, the fashion houses of the world are predicting a bright 2017! Kicking

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warm and snug scandi winter wardrobe ideas

Keeping warm and snug this winter; from head to toe!

We’ve all seen the weather forecast; the cold, wintry weather is officially here! For many this means going into hibernation mode and finding it very, very hard to leave that warm cosy bed in the

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The Psychology of Colour

Can colour make you feel? The psychology of colour is a topic that has been popular recently, concerned with assigning each colour with feelings, and descriptive emotions. It’s an intriguing thought, and also makes us

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Scandi Styling Tips: Interior to Fashion

Scandinavia has a distinctive design style, and this isn’t just saved for the home! Scandi fashion and interior trends go hand in hand. In autumn, Scandinavian fashion comes into its own. The colder weather brings

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wooden floors

10 Steps Towards Creating a Skandi Home

There are a lot of design factors that make a home have the Scandinavian aesthetic. However, there are a few steps that you can make towards making your home more Skandi, whether it be in

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Scandinavian Trends: Fashion VS Interior

It might not be the most obvious tie but style preferences in interior design and fashion do tend to correlate. Whether you’re one for a pop of bright colour or you like pattern or you

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scandinavian fashion black and white

11 Scandinavian Fashion Brands You Need To Know

We have a lot to thank the Scandinavians for. From interior design to TV dramas and thrillers to the ever popular Scandinavian fashion… Scandinavia really is having a moment (that we hope is here to

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