Wish lists at the ready; Skandihome Christmas Shop is Live!

We can’t help but get excited as the festive season draws closer. Despite the change in weather and the darker days, Christmas becomes the occasion of the season! In London, streets and stores are crammed

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The Psychology of Colour

Can colour make you feel? The psychology of colour is a topic that has been popular recently, concerned with assigning each colour with feelings, and descriptive emotions. It’s an intriguing thought, and also makes us

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Scandi Styling Tips: Interior to Fashion

Scandinavia has a distinctive design style, and this isn’t just saved for the home! Scandi fashion and interior trends go hand in hand. In autumn, Scandinavian fashion comes into its own. The colder weather brings

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Dressing for Autumn: Scandi Interior tips.

October is here, and as autumn creeps up on us, it’s tempting to shut the curtains, give in to the lower light levels and wait for the looming cold snap. It’s at this time of

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Scandi brand to Watch: Muuto

Feel as if you’ve exhausted all the solutions IKEA can provide for your home? Okay.. neither do we, but we’re always on the lookout for exciting new Scandi brands and design houses! ‘Muuto’ is a

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Scandinavian design: A friendship of form and function

Scandinavian design is taking the UK by storm! It has rapidly become one of the most instantly recognisable design styles, making it hard to imagine life without dominant white walls, simple but effective forms and

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Sharpen those edges! Geometry rules in Scandinavian design.

Clean outlines and geometric shapes are a big deal in Scandinavian design. They form one of the main aesthetics and are key to creating any Scandinavian interior theme. So get your ruler out and sharpen

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It’s in their nature! – How Scandinavia’s affinity for the outdoors inspires their interior design.

Swedes love the outdoors, it’s a fact!  So much so that many have a second home purely for escaping in summer, something that the city dwellers of London could only dream of.  But lucky for

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saarinen tulip table

Scandinavia is creeping into every corner of British life…

We all know that Scandinavian design is becoming increasingly popular in this country, but this is not the first time. We recently found a rather interesting article in the Guardian illustrating this happy phenomenon: ‘The

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ikea bedroom grey

The Story of IKEA

We all know IKEA as the Swedish homeware superstore with affordable prices, practical furniture design and of course köttbullar. With the rise of IKEA’s popularity, Scandinavian design has sneakily made its way into homes all

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