fettisdagen and valentines day

Fettisdagen and Valentine’s day; A match made in heaven.

Here in London, while many are preparing for Valentine’s day on the 14th, Swedes are getting prepared for Fettisdagen! Falling on the 13th, it could be said that the sweet cream cakes of ‘Fat Tuesday’

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Sweet Scandinavian recipes for a Christmas spread

We all love sweet treats during the festive period – and here at Skandiblog we thought we’d point you in the direction of some yummy Scandinavian desserts this Christmas. We think they will make great

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5 steps to become st lucias day savvy

5 Steps to become St Lucia’s day savvy.

St Lucia’s day is a very important date on every Scandinavian’s calendar – and is a celebration not to be missed! If you aren’t Scandinavian or wonder what it is all about – fear not!

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5 Hygge Scandi Instagram accounts to follow this festive season!

5 Hygge Scandi Instagram accounts to follow this festive season!

Looking for a little inspiration to get you into the Hygge mood this holiday season? Below are our 5 favourite Scandi IG accounts that are perfecting Holiday Hygge. Cue warm knits, fireside Fika and dreamy

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Take 5 for Fika – The best Scandi coffee houses in London

But first coffee… In London, we love a cup of the hot stuff. But we have noticed that too many of us are rushing around with a cardboard-cupped coffee, hastily sipping on public transport and

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visiting scandinavia in autumn, norwegian fjords

Top places to visit in Scandinavia this autumn.

As Summer draws to a close, ‘back to school’ adverts monopolise and daily routines resume, you may be pushing aside the dreams of a holiday till Christmas. Admittedly, the weather isn’t going to return to

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5 steps towards a scandinavian midsummer table spread

5 steps to the perfect Midsummer table spread

It’s that time of year again! The days are longer and warmer, and Sweden celebrates as mid-June brings an abundance of festivities to kick off the summer holidays. Maypole dancing, wreath-making and schnapps-drinking are among

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Fika Love: Nordic Afternoon tea in London

Afternoon tea has long been a tradition in England – and Fika is a much-loved treat among Scandinavians. As the summer months approach – we’re dreaming of sweet treats and refreshing drinks to enjoy with

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Fashion vs. Interiors – Floral Frenzy

As the seasons change, we go from snuggling up in the warmth to craving bright sunshine and fresh surroundings. Our wardrobes and homes go through this change too, patterns become bolder and colours brighter. From

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Skandiblog’s wish list for a perfect picnic

As the weather warms up, we’re eager to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. One perfect way to combine good food and good company is to pick a sunny spot and

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