visiting scandinavia in autumn, norwegian fjords

Top places to visit in Scandinavia this autumn.

As Summer draws to a close, ‘back to school’ adverts monopolise and daily routines resume, you may be pushing aside the dreams of a holiday till Christmas. Admittedly, the weather isn’t going to return to

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5 steps towards a scandinavian midsummer table spread

5 steps to the perfect Midsummer table spread

It’s that time of year again! The days are longer and warmer, and Sweden celebrates as mid-June brings an abundance of festivities to kick off the summer holidays. Maypole dancing, wreath-making and schnapps-drinking are among

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Fika Love: Nordic Afternoon tea in London

Afternoon tea has long been a tradition in England – and Fika is a much-loved treat among Scandinavians. As the summer months approach – we’re dreaming of sweet treats and refreshing drinks to enjoy with

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fashion versus interiors, blog post by skandihome. william morris, h&m, sandberg wallpapers and gianni

Fashion vs. Interiors – Floral Frenzy

As the seasons change, we go from snuggling up in the warmth to craving bright sunshine and fresh surroundings. Our wardrobes and homes go through this change too, patterns become bolder and colours brighter. From

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easter picnic ideas, skandihome's wishlist for a spring park picnic

Skandiblog’s wish list for a perfect picnic

As the weather warms up, we’re eager to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. One perfect way to combine good food and good company is to pick a sunny spot and

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glad pask, easter traditions from scandinavia

Glad Påsk! Celebrating Easter the Scandi way.

As the days get lighter and warmer, we wave goodbye to the months of huddling indoors away from the chill! Easter not only brings the chance to indulge ourselves with sweet treats after lent, but

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vaffeldagen, waffle day in sweden waffle inspiration from bonjourvintag

Celebrating waffle day in Sweden; Våffeldagen!

The 25th March in Sweden marks a special day for sweet treat lovers! It’s ‘Våffeldagen’ – or ‘ waffle day .’ Swedes celebrate by making waffles with jam and cream, often served with a coffee.

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Valentine’s Day the Scandinavian way

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away, and already we can’t escape the onslaught of roses, cheesy clichés, and heart-shaped…everything! TV, shops and social media are all turning pink and fluffy in the run

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stockholm fashion week 2017

Stockholm Fashion week: Skandiblog favourites

Fancy getting some new inspiration for your wardrobe? Look no further! We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled and have some top inspiration from Sweden’s biggest fashion event; Stockholm Fashion Week. A culmination of renowned Swedish

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spring in scandinavia, rocky highlands and remote escapes

Spring in Scandinavia; Things to do and see

Despite the January chill, most of us are feeling motivated and ready to take on the months ahead! We can’t believe how fast January has gone, and are already very much looking forward to brighter

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